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Healing Touch Testimonials

"In recent months, I have had several Healing Touch sessions with Lelia. My primary goal for these sessions was to work on stress reduction and relaxation. I am someone who is always on the go and does not relax easily. Lelia is very effective at helping me achieve a state of calm and relaxation that continues post-session. I have benefited immensely from my sessions with her and look forward to future sessions. Lelia has a calm and caring nature that contributes greatly to her abilities as a Healing Touch practitioner. She is a professional in her field and I, without hesitation, support and highly recommend her."

- M.S., Fitness Instructor

"Healing Touch for me is now a vital part of my life; spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. During each session I am totally relaxed and that it is an understatement. Healing

Touch is different for each individual. For me I enter into a realm of deep spiritual peace. My spirit takes over and gives me colorful vibrant images to live by. I am grateful that I discovered Lelia."

- C.H., Senior Caregiver

"Having had three distance healing sessions with Lelia, so far, I can highly recommend her to others. Each session has focused in a different way from the others, but all have been beneficial in their own way, which is especially appreciated at my age (71). I have found myself in a rather deep meditative state throughout most of each session, seeing shapes and colors in my mind’s eye, none of which I seem to be able to achieve when I am just relaxing by myself. After a session I am very relaxed, and I sleep especially soundly that night. Each session has been not only physically and mentally beneficial but a keenly interesting journey."

- D. Stokes, Attorney

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