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The Still Point Around Which You Turn

In The Sufi Book of Life, Neil Douglas-Klotz explains the roots of the word “Al-Quddus,” which Klotz translates as Sacred Space. Klotz says the root syllables of the word show focus (QD) and emptiness (US), which could be represented as “a point surrounded by a circle.” Astrologers prick up their ears at that description: Klotz is describing the symbol for the Sun, the center of gravity in our solar system, and the center of gravity in your chart.

Klotz says, “When we become spacious enough, we find room to remember what is truly important in our lives. This remembrance creates a still point around which our life can turn.” 

You may already know what this still point is in your life. You might also look at your chart to find out more. What house is your Sun in? Do 5th house play and creative expression help you find your center? Do relationships - 7th house -  teach you how to create “holy space” for Self? 

What about your Sun Sign? In Taurus, you may feel more spacious as you find security. In Aries you might find your still point when you challenge yourself to face life’s edges.

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