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Moonlit Night


The natal chart is the root prediction for your life, shining a light on your evolutionary path. But the planets aren't standing still. As they transit through the sky and progress through your chart, you're being invited to grow and to make choices that support your evolution.

A Current Navigation reading explores the way the planets in their current positions are interacting with your natal chart. Far more in-depth and personalized than a typical newspaper horoscope, this reading explores the questions you are currently facing in your life: What opportunities are opening up? How will you recognize them? What temptations might lead you astray? What karmic patterns are you outgrowing? How can your respond positively?

Each reading examines approximately a 2-year period. You must know your BIRTH DATE, TIME and PLACE for an accurate reading.

Reading takes place over Zoom and lasts 1.5 hours. Call can be recorded. And you'll receive a copy of Lelia's notes.


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