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Will April’s Solar Eclipse Rock Your World?

Maybe. Solar eclipses occur twice a year, so if your socks aren't knocked off every six months or so, you might assume the metaphysical impact doesn’t always live up to the internet hype. But with this eclipse taking place at 19° Aries 24′, you may want to pay attention if you have Aries planets in close proximity. Or if you have planets around 19 degrees of Libra, which is opposite Aries, or Cancer or Capricorn, which square Aries.


For those of you with planets that might be pinged by this eclipse, it can be a good time to set intention. A solar eclipse carries similar (but more powerful) energies to a New Moon, when you’re invited to seed your life with the intentions you hope will bear fruit in the fullness of time. The Aries eclipse suggests you might set intentions to 

  • be courageous 

  • claim what you need to fulfill your goals

  • set boundaries

  • stand your ground

  • show up for yourself

  • be on your own side

  • protect yourself or those you love

This warrior’s stance is further encouraged by the North Node of the Moon in Aries, which suggests that our evolutionary potential lies in right use of anger, in being direct and truthful, in taking necessary action, in forging our own path.

In an interview in The Paris Review, author Anita Brookner expressed Aries energy when she said, “You don’t win the favor of the ancient gods by being good, but by being bold.”

If the North Node is in Aries, you know the South Node is in Libra, so you might think about whether you’ve overdone Libra’s qualities of diplomacy and peacemaking. Are there areas in your life where you’ve been too nice, too accommodating. Libra loves peace and grace, but Libra can be taken advantage of. And that’s when your inner warrior needs to be brave enough to take a stand. 

Of course, this isn’t a license to engage in unalloyed selfishness or destruction - that’s dark Aries - but it is an invitation to be enlightened selfish, to trust that anger brings a message that it’s time for a change and that it’s okay for you to get your needs met, too.

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