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Self-Check: How Are You?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The hectic pace of the holidays can mean your own needs and wants get lost in the shuffle. My friend and creativity coach, Sarah at Odonata Creative, taught me a fabulous technique that takes only seconds but can help ensure you are staying in touch with yourself even at the busiest of times.

The Check-in

The technique is as simple as letting yourself stop and notice how you are. Pay attention. Whatever you are doing, notice your energy and how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. As Sarah says, "Paying attention is an act of love." This simple act of self-love, done a few times a week, can have a big impact.

Small Step, Big Shift

I find this technique helps me cut through my b.s., whether I'm putting a happy face on something that has me raging on the inside or acting like a curmudgeon about something that secretly excites me.

So, for example, doing this technique has led me to

  • quit an unfulfilling job

  • find that beneath the sadness when my daughter left for college was a bubble of excitement at the new opportunities for both of us

  • feel the exhilaration of starting a Healing Touch practice while acknowledging the fear

  • revise my holiday festivities to be more in keeping with what brings my family and me joy

Once I recognize how I really feel, I can be more honest with myself and adjust my attitude and actions so I'm truly in alignment. As Barbara Stanny says in her book Overcoming Underearning, "there's tremendous power in telling the truth. Clarity alone often generates change."

There's also tremendous power in simple acts of self-compassion such as this one. According to Kristen Neff, Ph.D., author of Self-Compassion, "The nurturing quality of self-compassion allows us to flourish, to appreciate the beauty and richness of life, even in hard times. When we soothe our agitated minds with self-compassion, we're better able to notice what's right as well as what's wrong, so that we can orient ourselves toward that which gives us joy."

A Healing Touch session is another powerful method of nurturing yourself and coming into alignment. Contact me to learn more or to make an appointment.

Peace and Love,


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