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Your natal chart offers profound insights into your inner life and purpose, deepening your self-awareness and supporting authentic action.

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Creativity workshops offer a fun way to explore your inner world, make connections with a supportive tribe of fellow creative folks, and tap into your wellspring of creative joy.

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Small steps, lowered pressure and thinking differently support shifts in awareness that help you overcome the blocks to your creative fulfillment and support creative resilience and authenticity.

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"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic coaching session. I went in grumpy, overwhelmed and feeling like a loser. I left feeling like I have some structure to my life/plan, grounded and hopeful, even with a bit of a skip in my step."

M.P., Reading Specialist


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Animals also benefit from Healing Touch. Sessions are done by distance and take 40 to 45 minutes. You may sit with your pet during the session and I will text you or email you when I'm finished. I've found that Healing Touch is beneficial for pets recovering from injury or surgery, with chronic conditions or age-related issues. Contact me if you have questions or want to book a session.
Each session is $50.

Healing Touch is a form of energy therapy that's similar to Reiki. Developed by an American nurse, it's based in Eastern theories of a human energy system that interpenetrates and surrounds the human body. With attention and intention, this energy system can be cleared and opened, creating a sense of renewal and deep inner alignment. As one client has said, "It's like massage for the soul."

As the body comes into deep relaxation, endorphins are released, physical tension is eased and circulation is increased, boosting oxygen levels, all of which benefits the immune system, supports healing and eases pain.

Because of Covid-19, sessions are not done in person at this time. Instead, we'll talk by phone or on Zoom about you and your goals for the session. Then you get comfortable on your bed or couch and I begin the distance work. You may feel sensations of warmth in your body, or, if your eyes are closed, you may see colors. The session lasts an hour and then, if you like, we talk about your experiences and anything that came up for you during the session.

Sessions are $80. Contact me for more information or to book a session.

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P.S., distance client in Delaware

"I always look forward to energy healing appointments with Lelia. Her practice really helps me relax and cope with my severe chronic pain, and I would consider sessions just for general stress relief and self-care. Lelia offers me space to regain some energy and willingness to just be again. Overall, Lelia’s time and attention create a very renewing experience, and I recommend her services."



Lelia is a writer who teaches, coaches, crafts, gardens and does astrology. A Certified Healing Touch practitioner, a Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach and a Certified Muse Group Facilitator, she works with individual clients and small groups to explore, recover and celebrate creativity. Having been an avid student of astrology since childhood, Lelia studies evolutionary astrology through Steven Forrest Astrology and does natal chart readings to help clients deepen their self-understanding. 



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"The art of living is a matter of seeing our lives as our own creation and ourselves as producers and directors of it. It is a matter of embracing life with passion and energy, of doing what we do well."

Thomas Ryan


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