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By Jove, Jupiter Has Entered Taurus!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

With Jupiter entering Taurus - it transits through the sign of the Bull from May 16, 2023 until May 25, 2024 - there’s a lot of talk online about this being “the most positive astrological transit of 2023.” And it might be. Jupiter is known as the greater benefic, the lucky planet, and where it lies in your chart, you’ve been blessed.

But we all know that what’s lucky in the long run, may feel terrible at first:

  • the break-up with the gal who wasn’t right for you

  • the job loss (Jupiter was in my 11th house when I was laid off, booted from the tribe:) that paves the way for an exciting career change

  • the house you lose out on in a bidding war only to find a better, more affordable, option later.

In other words, in addition to obvious good luck, Jupiter can bring any of those events that make you sick at heart when they happen, but later you think, “I got so lucky. It turned out better than I could have hoped.”

As Steven Forrest writes of his own Jupiter mishaps in The Book of Fire, “I now see that Jupiter’s better angels were looking out for me.”

While Jupiter may not bring unadulterated joy, it can bear gifts. If, for example, over the past year (give or take), you’ve felt an uptick in your confidence, if you’ve accomplished some surprising tasks, if you’ve noticed that you’ve walked with your head held a little higher, then Jupiter in Aries has served you well. You’ve probably faced down some stress, fought a good fight, and courageously earned some confidence. You might want to take a moment to congratulate yourself for responding well to Jupiter’s Arian gifts.

With the King of the Gods moving into steady, comfort-loving Taurus, you have an opportunity to recover from some of the stress Aries tends to generate. Jupiter in Taurus is similar to the King of Pentacles. At his best this down-to-earth king is a steward, managing affairs for himself and his people in a way that cultivates peace, prosperity and the comforts of life. With his gifts, you might feel as if the Ghost of Christmas Present is sprinkling plenty and serenity in your life, as opportunities arise to tend to your physical, mental and material well-being.

But Jupiter can be tricksy, too. If we get too complacent about Taurean good-fortune, we tend to overindulge, overspend, overemphasize comfort and get stuck in a rut of simple pleasures at the cost of our own - and others’ - lasting good.

Of course, if you know the house(s) Taurus spans in your chart and any planets that Jupiter will be aspecting, you can fine-tune your understanding of how to accept the gifts - and avoid the blunders - of Jupiter’s transit through Taurus. May Jupiter's’ luck be with you!


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