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Noticing Leads to Wondering

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I'm a reluctant gardener. Sometimes I get cranky at the work it requires. But once I get outside and start noticing what I'm seeing, what I'm hearing, I also remember what I like about gardening.

Plus, paying attention to the natural world brings me into presence and a sense of connection.

And noticing brings wonder and curiosity: why are there more weeds among the raspberries this year? Is it because I thinned them more thoroughly this spring? Is that also why there are fewer mosquitoes? Why is the humidity level always at 400% during prime raspberry season?These aren't profound questions (and one of them is really more of a complaint couched as a question), but they might lead to a better understanding of my garden. And it's pleasant to wonder.

I also notice that small steps really do get the job done. Just grab a container, step out the back door, walk to the raspberries and see where that leads. It always, so far, has lead to one of two things: leaning over to start picking lovely plump raspberries or a quick march back to the house for a container of soapy water, my weapon of choice against marauding Japanese beetles. It usually leads to both, resulting in a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

from the garden,


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