• Lelia

Nature Mandala as Healing Practice

I'm grateful to my friend Sarah at Studio Sadie for introducing me to the idea of the nature mandala. In the kind of synchronicity that abounds when I pay attention, this idea entered my awareness near the four-year anniversary of my Dad's death. So I decided to try making a nature mandala (with the help of other odds-and-ends like bottle caps, a life saver and piano tuning pegs) in his honor. The process is, let me say, a very meaningful healing practice.

As I learned in an article at Healing Icons, there's no wrong way to create a nature mandala. It's just a beautiful process of slowing down and feeling into what wants to be expressed. After making the mandala and sitting with it a little while, I wrote a letter from my Dad to me. It was full of love and reminiscences and many of the things I wish had been spoken but never were. It's, of course, completely made up by me, but it expresses what I want my children to know - how absolutely precious they are to me and how deeply sorry I am for the times I have been imperfect in my love for them. I imagine most parents feel this way and I imagine that, even though my Dad wasn't the type of person who spoke about these feelings, he probably felt this way, too.

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