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Natal Chart for Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie's natal chart reading (below) is an example of what a reading from me looks like. The reading is usually 13 pages. If you have specific questions about your life (career, purpose, relationships, etc.) I encourage you to let me know so I can look more closely at those areas and go into more detail. I also always enjoy having a conversation about your chart with you to answer any additional questions. Sadly for me, I didn't get to have a conversation with Agatha Christie, but I did enjoy her autobiography (highly recommend:). I wonder what she would say about her chart?

September 15, 1890, 4:00 a.m., Torquay, England

Primal Triad: Sun, Moon, Ascendent (the life-shapers)

With your Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra and Ascendent in Virgo, you are a Craftsperson (or Analyst, Perfectionist or Mentor) with the Soul of an Artist (or Lover, or Peacemaker or Diplomat) and the mask of a Craftsperson (or Analyst, Perfectionist or Mentor).

There is a shadow side to every sign, of course, so on days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed (which we all do from time to time) you tend to be a Martyr with the Soul of a Clinging Vine and the mask of a Whiner.

The sun represents your gravitational center, the organizing principle of the self to which you must be true in order to feel sane, energized, resilient and to maintain your self-respect. With your Sun in Virgo on the cusp of the 2nd house, maintaining your center of gravity requires that you prove yourself to yourself, developing meaningful skills and resources that support your self-worth and self-confidence. Virgo’s gift and shadow is her ability to see the ideal and to realistically assess the distance between that ideal and where she stands. You are learning to honestly evaluate yourself while still loving yourself. Identify your skills and talents and resolve to polish them so that one day they may be offered in meaningful service to your community. Seek the teachers and role models who can help you develop your talents - education, especially learning that is geared toward developing your particular skills, supports your self-respect. You need solid, real-world accomplishments that boost your confidence and self-respect. As you gain competence and express your talents meaningfully in the world you will be appreciated for your work, boosting your self-respect and dignity and offering an antidote to the Virgoan tendency to self-doubt. You value neatness, order and precision and respect people with demonstrated skill and follow-through. Honesty and humility are core values that make you uncomfortable with show-boating and unlikely to succumb to delusions of grandeur. You are willing to work hard and make honest appraisals of your work and yourself, committing to improving both until they meet your high standards. You must build your sense of security in the world by building confidence in your inner and outer resources. Don’t let fear of failure keep you playing small - failure can teach you more than success. You are a realist, seeing the world clearly, unlikely to sugar-coat reality to protect yourself or anyone else from the truth. You are capable of sustained self-discipline and apply this discipline to improving yourself, your skills and your surroundings (and perhaps other people in your life.) Self-employment can support your evolution and do issues related to money (either wealth or poverty). The 2nd house is posing a question to you: how much do you want to pay for your money? With a strong response to this question, you build confidence in yourself and faith in your ability to survive, which allows money itself to fade into the background. Your high standards can be a hard master and when you fall short you may be harsh with yourself. Your realistic appraisal of your imperfections may lead to self-doubt and self-sabotage. Evaluating yourself based on the strength of your efforts rather than your ability to achieve perfection can help you be kinder to yourself. Notice how self-doubt and self-criticism can drain your energy or when you are using endless preparation as a procrastination technique. The shadow side is to never offer your skills to the world in a meaningful way.

The moon represents your deepest emotional needs. It represents your inner world - your heart and soul - and tending to its needs (which are rarely logical) is often the secret of happiness. With your Moon in Libra in the 2nd house, your soul longs for a sense of security in the world fostered by peaceful connection and aesthetic harmony. Serenity of spirit is a reigning need for your soul and a secret of happiness for you. It may seem counterintuitive, but the road to serenity will likely be through hard work, developing your competence and proving your ability to yourself through meaningful accomplishments. Financial success is another source of serenity for you and you have the drive, industry, good instincts about money and abhorrence of waste to help you achieve it. Choose relationships and an environment that support your equilibrium. You have a natural ability to straddle paradox and to see every side of a situation. In fact, you are living the paradox that serenity and equilibrium for you are not to be found in rest. Work, effort and bold moves in the direction of your goals is actually the way to inner harmony. You are here to get things done. But while you work, you can also immerse yourself in beauty and comforting friendships - this is balm your heart needs. You need gracefulness in your life - aesthetic loveliness, harmonious environments, relationships characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. You have the reflexive attitude of an artist and a peacemaker - you like to live and let live and genuinely prefer to meet people in the middle. Notice if your desire for harmony leads you to sacrifice parts of your own soul - the desire to please others can eclipse your sense of your own soul’s needs. Notice if you are shying away from opportunities or letting a sense of inferiority undermine your self-trust. You are here to earn your own trust and approval by hard work and by wrestled with your own limits and overcoming them. You have what it takes to create inner equilibrium and enjoy an aesthetic harmony won by your own hard work and effort - if that’s hard to believe, try opening the door to the idea by believing it 100% for only 15 seconds at a time.

The ascendent, or rising, sign is the sign that was dawning when you were born and it reflects how you dawn on people - your style, the first impression you make. It’s the social mask you wear that filters your inner self and all its complexity into the being that you present in social interactions. Making a positive response to your ascendent is the path to self-actualization - you’ll feel at ease, centered, comfortable in your interaction with the outside world. A weak response to your ascendent will leave you feeling goofy. Your Ascendent is in Virgo, giving you the mask of the Analyst, Critic, Perfectionist or Mentor. To fulfill your evolutionary goals in this lifetime you must prioritize learning a set of skills that are helpful to other people and bring you joy, accomplishment and dignity. You are finding your path of meaningful service - whether you get paid for it or not - something that makes you indispensable. You radiate seriousness, competence and an alertness to flaws and the means of making improvements. You present a practical, can-do, humble but not servile demeanor conveying the message “Here is someone who’s mastered a craft or a skill and can use it in a commonsensical, helpful way.” When your mask becomes mere posturing you may come across as fussy and may incline toward worried agitation or martyrdom, sacrificing yourself to others out of duty rather than as a way of making a genuine gift of yourself. This is the Virgo shadow, becoming a drudge or martyr or fussbudget or becoming overly critical of yourself and others. Signs that you’re edging into the shadow territory are if you find yourself micromanaging other people in your life or if your significant other or loved ones no longer try to make you happy because it’s an impossible task, if you’re told you’re too critical or if your finding yourself miserable at your job but don’t feel you can find new work. You have an honest mind, capable of recognizing perfection and how far you or others might be from it. Self-love and self-acceptance are key to keeping yourself moving toward improvement. Notice what you do well - feeling competent and capable fuels your desire to grow and improve.

Your primal triad is uniquely fused. Not only are your Sun and Ascendent in the same sign giving you a strong Virgo signature, but your Moon and Sun form a wide, out-of-quality conjunction. Although they are in two different signs, you are fusing your heart’s desire (Moon) and your core identity (Sun). Your evolutionary goal of developing meaningful skills must be merged with your longing for the aesthetic loveliness and inner harmony. You’re being invited to be kinder and gentler with yourself (the moon is the Great Mother) and to allow yourself to spend time in surroundings that comfort you and nurture your spirit. When these energies aren’t integrated, dysfunction will arise in your life, taking you by surprise because you’ve ignored the warning signals your soul sends you. Or you’ll become dramatic, making irrational emotional decisions in the heat of the moment. Life will give you opportunities to integrate these energies - external situations that stimulate your emotions, domestic and familial dramas, moving to a new home and circumstances that require giving or receiving care.

Ruler of the Ascendent

The planet that rules the ascendent is an intimate part of your self image and satisfying its needs is fundamental to having positive feelings about yourself and your handling of everyday life. Your Virgo Ascendent is ruled by Mercury, in Libra in the 2nd house. Mercury is the messenger, the teacher. When it is prominent in a chart it typically indicates a word person. With this placement, Mercury is asking you to create a concrete, tangible message of beauty or harmony. Your cognitive bandwidth is increased by exposure to beauty - music, poetry, nature, the arts. Immerse yourself in aesthetic pleasures. And build your skill in expressing them in some way - mastering tools, techniques and vocabularies that allow you to prove your intellectual and artistic legitimacy to yourself. You might be initially doubtful about your abilities to learn these skills, commit to them anyway and seek the credentials and certifications and alliances that give you a foundation of self-confidence. You have the discipline and determination to develop and utilize your intellect fully. Your mind thrives on paradox. Expose yourself to people who see things differently than you do and to questions that require you to balance valid opposites. Discipline yourself to consider the opposite perspective whenever you have a strong opinion. You have a natural suspicion of fanaticism. Graceful people who present themselves well and can get along with a wide variety of folks are excellent teachers for you. You likely have a strong desire to avoid conflict; although uncomfortable, conflict can be necessary and even healthy (a paradox for your:). Your natural diplomacy may make it difficult for you to express your truth clearly. You can be very hard to pin down when you don’t want to face unpleasant truths or be backed into a corner - you can dance away from a conversation so skillfully that people don’t even notice you’ve changed the subject, distracted them with flattery or merely appeared to agree. You have good financial instincts and a keen ability to ferret out where talent lies in other people. Notice if endless preparation is preventing you from diving into a subject or a project. Don’t let self-doubt leave you at the end of your life looking back on missed opportunities and undeveloped skills.


A stellium occurs when you have 3 or more planets in one house or sign. Such a concentration of energies means this house and/or sign are dominant features in your life. With your Moon, Mercury in the 2nd house and the Sun on the cusp, the 2nd house is an important energy in your chart and in your biography. The 2nd house is traditionally the The House of Money, but on a more fundamental level it’s the house of security and self-esteem. When you believe in yourself and believe you have the resources you need or the resourcefulness to get what you need, you feel secure in the world. This house requires that you do the work required to prove yourself to yourself - you need concrete examples of your abilities. This house speaks to a fundamental self-doubt that you came into the world with and that you are here to overcome through real-world, practical effort.

The 2nd house corresponds with Taurus, a very practical, body-centered sign. Responding well to this house, can give you the feeling of being a bull, sitting placidly in the shade under a tree, enjoying the soft air, with all the grass, water and other comforts he needs to be happy. That’s the second house well-navigated. (This doesn’t mean that you actually sit under a tree and do nothing. In your case, work is required. But the feeling of work well done, skills honed and proven accomplishments will provide you with that bull-in-a-field-with-everything-he-needs-feeling.) Poorly navigated, self-doubt will hinder your ability to develop the skills and resources that make you feel secure.

You also have a stellium in Libra, the sign where your Moon, Uranus and Mercury reside. This emphasizes the energy of the Artist, Lover, Peacemaker and Diplomat in your chart and in your biography. Libra is conditioned by the desire for harmony - inner and outer equilibrium. Art and artistic pursuits help cultivate equilibrium, as does nature and time spent with animals. Hugs and relationships with people who are soothing and calming is a Libra strategy. (In your case these people may not be conventionally soothing and calming. They may have a lively curiosity and a capacity for looking into the darker side of human nature. See Venus below.) People with a strong Libra signature in their charts are here to calm down, to take their ease in whatever way is constitutionally satisfactory to them. This is the signature of a soul that’s had heavy stresses and trauma in a past life and this life is to be spent enjoying the aesthetic and relationship balm that soothes their weary souls.

Angular Planets

Planets that form a conjunction with the angles of the chart (Ascendent, Nadir, Descendent, Midheaven) have tremendous influence. Similarly, planets in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses (the angular houses) are focalizers in the birth chart.

You have Saturn in Virgo in the 1st house, suggesting that your Great Work in this lifetime is to develop the skills and do the meaningful work that allow you to carve out a place for yourself. You must be disciplined about standing your ground - sometimes being “enlightened selfish” as you dedicate yourself to the Great Work that you have chosen freely from your own soul. Your work involves becoming truly good at something that makes a difference in the lives of other people. You’re mastering a craft that you feel truly matters and as you do so, you develop a state of self-sufficient, self-directed autonomy. You must be relentlessly disciplined in developing your craft and yourself. This does not require isolation or lovelessness, but you do need to free yourself of any driving need for others approval. Self-criticism is a necessary aspect of this effort toward competence - you must honestly appraise your efforts and in time you will become better at your craft. Find mentors and masters to guide you and learn from them with a spirit of humility. You are capable of sustained effort, concentration and the humility to assess yourself honestly. You have the relentlessness to come out ahead of people who may have more natural talent than you and to resist any cunning, guilt-inducing efforts to distract you from your work. You’re learning to tolerate disapproval and isolation in order to offer your best work to the world. Saturn always indicates a fundamental blockage (everyone has Saturn somewhere, so everyone has a blockage). In your case, it’s a tendency toward crippling self-criticism that can sap your self-confidence, making you prone to procrastination, perfectionism, endless preparation or undervaluing yourself so much that you resign yourself to a life of unfulfilling drudgery. Fear of alienation or isolation or rejection can also pull you away from your great task. You’ll know you’re not responding well to Saturn’s energy if you find yourself resigned to a life of volunteer slavery, doing menial tasks for people you wrongly rate more important than yourself. Or if you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t recognize your potential because you never developed your skills enough to offer your great work to the world.

Mars in Sagittarius in your 4th house, brings your Warrior’s courage to the task of expanding your horizons beyond those proscribed by your culture and family of origin. Seek wide experiences, resolving to live passionately, willing to make mistakes and to learn things the hard way. You have faith and a sense of adventure - don’t sacrifice your desire for meaning and thirst for new experiences to practicality or to someone else’s agenda for you. Your goal, at the end of your life, is to have few missed chances to regret. Travel, cross-cultural experiences, people who are different from you, physical adventures and opportunities to learn are all ways to stretch your horizons. Trust your fascination with anything different or foreign, let it draw you out of your comfort zone or known, settled lifestyle. You have faith in life, which gifts you with a remarkable pluckiness and the ability to bounce back from adversity and challenges. You tend to be forthright in your expression of your opinions - know that the Sagittarian shadow is opinionated dogmatism (although your Libran Mercury will help temper this dogmatic tendency:) Be mindful that your fiery nature may overpower some people even if it’s based in good-hearted desire. That being said, you are meant to bring your heat and fierceness to the surface sometimes. Don’t let them simmer under the surface. You are mustering the courage to claim your natural home and to defend it - even if your natural home is far from your origins. You’re also claiming the strength and courage to allow your sense of adventure to take you into your inner world, to face any pyschospiritual wounds there - especially those connected to family and home. Anger, resentment and repression in your domestic life are catalysts for growth for you - not easy ones, but potentially valuable. You are coming to terms with your inner warrior, who may have been latent in you, but as you quest for meaning beyond the boundaries of your family of origin you’ll bring that warrior into play in a way the world can see. Your aim is a passionate life, lived in the right place and shared with the right people. The shadow is family drama endlessly repeating without being resolved or resentments and frustrations seething under the surface (within yourself or in your family life) without making a ripple on the surface. This placement of Mars asks for fierce honesty and passion within your domestic life, but also within yourself, letting it shape your outward biography in a way that demonstrates passionate engagement with life.

Pluto and Neptune form a conjunction in Gemini in your 10th house, the House of Career.

Pluto represents the shadow or the darker side of human nature. This can be our drive to cover up the darkness, closing the door to our wounds and pain, or our willingness to face it and, in so doing, uncover a wellspring of power and energy buried under and within the wounds. In Gemini in the 10th house, Pluto suggests that your mission to the community is to use your voice to express the darkness, to shed light on humanity’s edgy truths. You must claim your right to say what you see - no need to keep your speech, your voice, bound within the tight rules of polite society. You must do so in such a way that you become indispensable, your voice a necessary and meaningful gift to your community. You may have deep karmic scars that make exposure to the community at large seem frightening and dangerous. Social constructs may make it challenging for you to develop a meaningful career that impacts your larger community. You may fear being visible, but making your voice a gift to the community requires you to do to be visible. This is your high destiny. You are born to do something that excites you - follow the fire in yourself and the universe will conspire to support you. As you develop your voice, you’ll find that you have allies who support you and defend you. You’ll gain confidence and learn that you are, in fact, dangerous if persecuted and/or able to step powerfully into visibility. You're learning to speak truthfully and directly without being harmful or destructive and to allow your voice to touch the lives of people you don’t know on a personal level. Your voice will naturally contain some truths that make others uncomfortable - Pluto probes deeply, looking into the darkness, crossing the line of social taboo, dealing with sex, death, money. As you hone your truth-telling abilities, you reveal a reality that others need to hear about (and some will be ready for this:) If you turn from your truth-telling task, you may use your voice to silence others, angered by your own silence you might unleash that anger on others or allow sarcasm to corrupt your compassion. If you can’t shake your fear of being visible in the larger world, you may find yourself a furtive actor, concealing most of yourself behind a pose so that your soul is never revealed.

Neptune is your spiritual interface system - it’s the way you connect with the Mystery, the Divine, the transrational. In Gemini in the 10th house, Neptune presents you with opportunities to reevaluate how you think about consciousness, to expand your grasp of your experienced reality so it includes spirituality. You are being asked to open your mind to innocence and wonder as you make a fresh spiritual start. Read widely about the world’s religions, dip into spiritual literature - even wrong-headed teachings can open your mind to possibilities as you learn to think critically about spirituality. Words trigger breakthroughs for you. You are sensitive to extrasensory phenomena, but the key is to notice them, to not rationalize them away with conventional explanations. You have a spiritual mission to your community, showing people whom you don’t know personally a higher ground. This higher ground involves the difficult task of bearing a message to your community while being simply a messenger, nobody special, egoless. The goal is to become transparent to the divine, to become a channel of spirituality to the larger community. If you allow yourself to engage your mental agility in simply thinking about spirituality and appearing wise, rather than in opening to enlightenment and becoming a lighthouse to others, you are squandering this energy. You’ll know you’re not responding well to Neptune if you find yourself fulfilling a role in which you feel like a ghost - it might be outwardly prestigious, but it will feel like a joke to you as the years pass.

With Neptune and Pluto forming a conjunction, you are fusing spirituality and the shadow. You are integrating spirituality and psychological work. Exploring the Plutonian darkness triggers spiritual understanding for you. The more willing you are to give voice to psychological truths, the more you become a spiritual lighthouse for others. These two forces are inseparable in you - trigger one, trigger the other - and they also inform your mission to the larger community.

Because career can be of such interest, it can be helpful to add as many details as are revealed in your chart. Other helpful behaviors for you include

  • Establishing and maintaining a bridge of rapport with the larger community, people with whom you have no personal relationship

  • Choose soul-partners who support your larger mission/career

  • Cultivating aesthetic or artistic pleasures a means of reaching a larger community

It’s also important to explore the underlying archetype of the 4th house - in your case the Detective, Shaman, Psychologist or Psychopomp - in order to bring your unconscious energy into finding the career that feels like a regenerative mission to the community. You’re bringing an ability to look unblinkingly at the darker aspects of human nature into the work you do to build security for yourself and a bridge of rapport with your community.

Strong Aspects

Planets that make aspects with the Sun, Moon or Ascendent become focalizers in the chart. As Stephen Forrest says, it’s as if they play poker with the President and do the First Lady’s hair - they have influence, as do planets that make many aspects within a chart - they have a finger in every pie. An aspect is the geometric angle between two planets. Certain angles are significant (0°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°), indicating that the planets will help each other, dull each other, create tension or friction and be intimately bound to each other. Steven Forrest says that these configurations exist in the chart because we need to learn how to integrate these energies to serve our evolutionary purpose. We may not always get it right and that’s okay - that’s part of the learning process.

Grand Trine

Jupiter is an important energy in your chart because it forms one point in a Grand Trine (it’s visible in your chart as the equilateral triangle that includes Pluto and Neptune in Gemini, Jupiter in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra).

Before we get into the Grand Trine, let’s look at Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th house. Jupiter is your confidence and optimism. Where it lands in your chart shows you where you should walk like a queen. In your chart, Jupiter urges you to keep the faith that your innate creativity supports the process of individuation. Following that road leads you to a life that is truly your own, a free-spirited existence that is unlike any that’s been lived before. Living this energy well means you’ll have enough faith in your perceptions that you won’t need anyone else’s approval or validation - that’s true individuality and freedom. You have an element of genius in your makeup. Don’t underestimate your own perceptions or the impact your enormous creativity can have on the hearts and minds of others. Your humor and spontaneity are contagious and when you’re brave enough to step out onto the stage without a plan you can have a profound effect on others. You have an innate ability to resist soul-crushing dependence on others’ approval. You have a natural capacity to perform and to leave your creative mark on the world in some way because of your profound skill in capturing others’ imagination and attention. You are different and have a right to be different, but remember that doesn’t make other people wrong for being themselves. You have an innate ability to think differently and to see possibilities others don’t see and can’t even imagine. You have a genius for living a unique life - cultivate it and be brave enough to shine. If you let ego take control, you may find yourself playing a silly role in a life drama that embarrasses you - your soul is better than that.

A Grand Trine is an “easy” chart pattern, in that all of these planets, being in air signs, tend to get along swimmingly. Easy aspects have a downside, however. Sometimes things can be so easy, your luck can be so lucky, that you never are forced by hard circumstances to grow and evolve. But when you get the Grand Trine right, you have a wellspring of creativity supported by old-fashioned good-luck. Grand trines often confer a quality of radiance or presence and when the planets are humming along well together, energy flows efficiently through you and people are drawn to this effortless seeming energy.

In your case, there’s a mutual enhancement among Jupiter, the conjunction of Pluto and Neptune and your Moon because each is in an air sign. You’re bringing together curiosity, a tolerance for paradox and the ability to think differently from most of the world. This gifts you with the potential for brilliance, the capacity to conceptualize and teach and learn. It can also lead to a darker manifestation - smoothly delivered lies, glib rationalizations and life lived entirely in the head. Referring to the descriptions of each planet above can help you think about how you integrate these energies. Briefly, consider how your confidence as you creatively express your unique differences (Jupiter) spurs your wider mission to voice dark, spiritually insightful truths (Pluto and Neptune) and harmonizes with your longing for hard work that leads to serenity and equilibrium (Moon).


There’s a strong emphasis in your chart on language, learning, communication, voice. That’s partly because Mercury (language oriented) is the ruler of your chart and because you have two planets in Gemini (the Teacher, Witness, Storyteller archetype). This theme is fleshed out even further by two planets - Venus and Uranos - in the 3rd house, the House of Communication.

Venus in Scorpio is an example of a planet being in “detriment” - that sounds like a negative, but it’s not really. It just means that Venus is in the sign that is opposite the one it rules, which can require some stretching on your part. Venus is the drive to calm down, rest in serenity and security, while Scorpio looks boldly into dark truths and shadowy domains. With Venus in Scorpio in the 3rd house, you're bringing The Detective archetype to the task of calming down through conversing, learning, writing, teaching, perceiving, reading, listening. You see the world with the eyes of a shaman artist - seeking peaceful resolution yet refusing to hide your eyes from darker truths. You have a deep awareness of your own shadow and the shadow of your intimate partner and friends - commit to living truthfully with forgiveness with this darker side of yourself and your loved ones. Allow your curiosity to take you where it will. It’s highly likely that Venusian subjects like the arts, relationships, intimacy and aesthetics will pique your curiosity. You are radically honest in your relationships and your ideal partners are psychologically savvy and comfortable with truth and honesty (if they’re not always comfortable with the truth, they also won’t punish you for pointing it out.) These are people who can look you in the eye even in moments of intensity. They are also curious and engaged in learning in the great school-house of the world. They read and learn for the sake of learning and are excited by fresh ideas. Following your whims and curiosities will put you in the orbit of these people with whom you have spiritual business. You can share a life with them as you each learn, pursuing the interests that arise naturally in you. You have intensity, a vast capacity for dealing with strong emotion and a willingness to break the mental taboos held by society. You know the power of sexuality to strengthen the sense of bondedness between you and your committed partner. You prefer serious conversations about charged subjects - death, sex, the occult, aging, disease - over cocktail party chatter. Humor - perhaps gallows humor - is a means of restoring your inner harmony. Recognize the power of the Shadow to escalate emotions and distort reality. When you feel that happening, pull back and let your loved one pull back, take a time-out, allowing emotions to settle a little. Know that when it comes to deep psychological work, right timing matters. Notice if your curiosity-driven detective leads you to ferret out more about your partner than you’re willing to reveal about yourself. It’s important that you reveal your authentic self verbally, but also that you listen to your partner - and know that verbal communication is not the only way to experience and strengthen your relationship.

Uranus is in Libra in the 3rd house, bringing Uranian genius to the perspective of the Artist and Lover(Venus). Follow your curiosity to develop your authentic aesthetic and to find the partners, lovers and friends that uniquely suit you (rather than the partners and friends culture tells you are appropriate). Some of your most pivotal partnerships/friendships will arise outside of conventional, approved rules and they are likely to unfold in unusual ways. Follow your curiosity - it will fuel your mind and allow you to meet interesting people. You have an innate ability to get along with all types of people and a tolerance for human diversity. You are diplomatic. Learn to trust your own senses. Most people see what they are taught to see - you have a unique ability to see the world differently. Trust what you see and be bold enough to speak about it, to share your perceptions with others. You have a unique aesthetic sense and the ability to think outside the box. You have flashes of insight and lightbulb moments and you may be told, repeatedly, “you’re a genius!” The way you see the world, the way you express it, your artistic sense of the world and your artistic expression of what you see will be marked by unique insights, innovation and the ability to offer fresh perspectives and solutions. Sometimes what you say, or the way you perceive your world, may be shocking. Misdirecting this energy, you may find yourself chronically in relationships with people who appear right for you by conventional standards but who are not. The Uranian shadow is dissociation. You’ll recognize that you’ve fallen into this habit when you appear open and inviting yet are not really making yourself available to others because you’re protecting your heart. Be wary of the habit of simply contradicting others rather than using your unique point of view to come up with innovative solutions.

Libra has a strong presence in your chart, so it can be interesting to notice what’s going on in the 7th house, the House of Marriage, which is Libra’s comfort zone. This house has no planets in it, but Neptune is its accidental ruler, suggesting that the basis for your most helpful relationships is a spiritual one. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your best friends and intimates will share religious beliefs, but you might have common ground when it comes to psychic experiences and transrational beliefs. These relationships will ask you to stretch yourself and that can be good for you.

The Moon’s Nodes

The South-Node points to potential patterns in your life that may feel comfortable (and may even lead to outward success) but which don’t support your soul’s progress. Everyone has a South Node, and everyone has limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back. The key is to identify them and then look to the North Node for the antidote. If you believe in past lives, the South Node can be said to represent karmic patterns that your soul needs to discard to continue its evolution.

Your South Node is in Sagittarius in the 4th house. Sagittarius is marked by a passion for understanding and a sense of adventure - lovely traits but with the South Node, something went wrong in this karmic pattern. Here, we see the questing character of Sagittarius confined and limited within a confining home or family situation (4th house). This might be the story of a dynamic man in an aristocratic family who, finds himself bound to a wife and growing family by strict codes of behavior which he feels he cannot escape. With Mars conjunct the South Node, this likely a passionate man- he may have been inclined to escape the confines of marriage in the beds of other women. Similarly he may have retreated from his life into a cerebral world of books and ideas. The Sun in Virgo squares the South Node, suggesting someone in his life with a strong personality - perhaps his wife was a demanding, fussy character, leaving him (consciously or unconsciously) angry about being trapped and dominated.

This is a soul that carries residual anger, fear and rage, plus a sense of adventure and admiration of the heroic. There may be a strong inclination to depend on certainties (marriage can feel like a certainty until it doesn’t), a susceptibility to being defined by family, and a discomfort with autonomy that leads to dependence on others.

The South Node always carries a heavy message - no one is without karmic patterns to resolve. Fortunately, your chart tells you the antidote, which is to be found in the North Node. It represents your evolutionary goal in this lifetime, and the cutting edge of growth for you. It may feel completely foreign, alien and awkward. Following the North Node’s guidance is a completely wonderful idea that you are free to ignore if you wish, but it offers the medicine your soul needs.

Your North Node is in Gemini in the 10th house. Your soul needs to listen and receive, to engage in dialogue and conversation, to open to wonder and surprise, to have mind-stretching experiences and to know that whatever you see, the truth is more than that. Ask questions, notice the vitality that not-knowing and uncertainty, can engender. Let your curiosity bring you out into the world, out of the confines of home and family. You know something that can be of use to strangers, to the community at large, and you must offer your gifts to the world, rather than keep them confined within your own imagination or within the confines of your family. Make your professional life a priority - your soul needs this more than a quiet life at home with family. Your professional life might entail a conversation with the larger community.

Conversely, one of the ways to foster your curiosity and engagement/conversation with the larger community is to build a foundation of security - financial security, a secure home, the soothing influences of the arts and stable relationships, the quiet stability that allows your inner animal to feel safe. This atmosphere of safety restores your confidence in yourself and your faith in life and in your own resourcefulness in dealing with life. You’re re-establishing a deep sense of inner peace and equilibrium as you live into the realization that love can be bigger than passion.

It is enormously helpful for you to develop your capacity to be self-directed - sometimes even selfish - as you navigate your life. The spiritual ideal of egolessness does not serve your soul’s evolution in this lifetime. Stay tuned into your soul’s still small voice and let it direct you. Notice if fascinations are luring you away from your soul’s evolutionary path.

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