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Healing Touch for Animals Testimonial

Here's a testimonial from a very devoted cat lover in Houston, TX ...

"On several occasions, Lelia has worked wonders on our cats with her healing touch for animals. We have several feral cats, the first batch dating back to 2008 with others added along the way.

All the ferals have been trapped, fixed, vaccinated and then released on our back deck. We feed them twice a day, as does our neighbor, so they have access to plenty of food without the food sitting out to attract bugs and critters.

The ferals tame down a bit but most will always keep a distance of 5 feet or so anytime we are with them which makes them impossible to doctor in any normal way.

Through the years, we have had a feral get very sick. Sometimes it is an abscessed wound or maybe something intestinal. Our first indication is that the ailing cat won't come for food. Usually the ailing cat is off by himself or herself just trying to be very still.

This is when we ask Lelia to do a session. I believe she has worked on 5 or 6 of the ferals, and in all but one case, bringing them back from near death. Sometimes she does one session and the cat who had not come for food in days is at a bowl for the next feeding.

The most recent experience was a 12 year old male, the dominant cat of one feral group of about 10 who we call Blondie. He had just stopped eating, stopped coming to the buffet, and had not had anything for 2 or 3 days. After the first session, he at least showed up where the feeding was happening but couldn't eat. Lelia reported that her hands felt very cold as she worked on him, like she was handling a bag of frozen peas.

Lelia did another session the next day. This time her hands did not get as cold. He showed up for the next feeding that day and took a very few licks. She did another session the next day and at that feeding he seemed to get about half the food down.

We skipped the session the next day, but he didn't seem to improve so she did another session and not only did he eat a meal that day, but he came back for another meal in an hour or two. He was very weak the whole time, but at least he was eating.

She did another session the next day and he was again eating regular meals. He continued to improve, continued to eat regularly, and has been fine since.

It seems like a miracle. Lelia is in Minnesota. The cats are in Texas. But the improvement occurs after the healing touch distance session. It has happened this way with too many cats to escape the conclusion that it is the healing touch that is working. We are very grateful for her help."

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