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Healing Touch for Animals

Updated: May 9, 2021

A few of my Healing Touch for Animals clients....

I've always wondered how an animal reacts to a distance session, so I was grateful to Nali's VeryImportantPerson (Nali is the Husky pictured above) for sharing her observations during a recent distance session to address Nali's intestinal upset.

Here's her description of Nali's reaction.

She was already laying under the bed in her usual position but awake. The first few minutes I observed it seemed like she was trying to figure out what was happening: sniffing around, pawing, tucking her face into the blanket. Then she started to lick her paws as if tending to wounds then suddenly switched to the same action on her bottom. Then she seemed to settle in and she clearly relaxed with ears and tail at ease and let her eyes close. She had been fighting to keep them open for the whole time so far. Around 4:21 she shifted position and licked herself again for a few second before it seemed like she was drugged and her head just kinda plopped down, and over the next few minutes she had settled into full relaxation with belly up. About 10 minutes later, she checked her bottom as if something moved and she stood up and circled and settled back into a curled up sleep. She has been there since. She is snoring at 4:48. She has been unbothered with any environmental distractions. I get the feeling she’s going to be here for a while. Thank you so much for your attention and energy.
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