• Lelia

A Writer's Guide to Wayfinding

Wayfinding, to borrow Martha Beck's phrase, is a point of interest to me. How do we find our way to the life and work our hearts and souls long for? You can find lots of tips, exercises and good advice in Martha Beck's books, in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and in the Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching I do. But reading Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, I noticed that her advice for developing a fictional character could also be helpful in finding an authentic soul path. Lamott writes, "Let your human beings follow the music they hear, and let it take them where it will. Then you may discover, when you get close enough to peer into the opening, as if into a scenic Easter egg, that your characters had something in mind all along that was brighter and much more meaningful than what you wanted to impose on them."

I think our souls are often like that. All along, the soul has something in mind that is more magnificent than our small self can ever imagine or bring forth.