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Zines are fun to make

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

"The zine ... is a medium that captures flux, contradiction and fragmentation and uses these things not as problems to be resolved but as sources of creative energy. It is a space for experimentation and play." Girl Zines, Alison Piepmeier

I love me a zine. They're fun to make (here's a tutorial on folding the paper courtesy of Austin Kleon (= awesome)), fun to give away, and, according to Alison Piepmeier (who also = awesome, RIP), making them can be a political act. Plus they have an inherently homemade look that supports the practice of imperfection and all the joy of "foraging into newness" as we overcome our "competence addiction," as Jill Badonsky (who also also = awesome) writes.

What's more, making a zine is addictive and a great way to spend time while social distancing. Mail 'em to your friends. It's fun. Mail one to me - I'd love it!! Let me know if you want one of mine - I'd love to share:) Use the form on the main page to contact me if you want to zine swap:)

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