• Lelia

Where Books and Curiosity Lead

As I neared my 40s I got to a place in life that I think a lot of people face at some point. You look at your life ahead and you see a perpetual blank and you think, "Something has to fill this void." And you look at the things you've done to see if they'll fit the bill and you feel a little queasy, so you realize the answer is no. So the way seems bleak and empty, but you rely on the habits that have always served you. For me, that's reading. So I read and read and read and took notes and filled notebooks and started opening to new ideas and new awareness of the power of the soul and the spirit, the limits of living exclusively from the mind, the power of mindfulness and the possibility - just a tickle of curiosity - that hands-on-healing was a viable reality and could - just maybe - be something I could do.

So I followed my curiosity and went a little deeper along that path, learning reiki and Spring Forest Qigong before finding Healing Touch, which felt like home. And with every step I took, the opportunities and help I needed arrived to open the way just a little further. I got the perfect mentor, Cheryl Salter, RN, BSN, CHTP, HNB-BC. I learned shamanic journeying from Anne Westfall which opened a path for accessing my own deeper wisdom. I received Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching from my college roommate Sarah Sadie - so gentle and affirming that I decided to add that coaching method to my own professional practice. I wandered down dead ends, as well: herbalism and tarot, both perfectly wonderful but not meant to be my work.

I think this story is not that unusual. There are times when we all pick our way through life with little certainty other than the leanings of our own hearts. But the heart is a powerful guidance system. And now one of my delights is getting clearer about how to live from my heart's wisdom and to help others do the same.

What's worked for you in the past when you've felt stuck or lost?

Blessings and love,